About Us

Frome Physical Therapy

Rebekah and David Frome own Frome Physical Therapy, a holistic physical therapy practice in Loch Arbour, New Jersey. David Frome is a licensed acupuncturist, physical therapist and an Advanced Rolfer. David is a member of The Society for Nanlaoshu in NYC and has been reaping the benefits of an active neigong practice for over a decade. Rebekah Frome is a physical therapy assistant, massage therapist and an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration.

The Houli School

David is excited to share this gentle yet powerful martial art form with others. All are welcome. Loose clothing is all that is needed to learn to improve your balance, flexibility and health.


Nanlaoshu was formed by the students of Master Ham King Koo to preserve and cultivate this rich and vibrant method of strengthening the body, mind and heart. The center, which began in Master Koo’s living room, is now a vibrant community of established teachers and students who continue the tradition on East 21st Street in NYC.
For a special treat, check out Nanlaoshu’s 30th anniversary video.